our engagement with discord

"We made need to relinquish the hopeful images of ourselves as remaining serene under all circumstances, like sitting buddhas carved from wood or stone. We have to expect our composure to be compromised as we learn about the possibilities and creative solutions of working directly with the conflict in our relationships. Even, and maybe especially, when things don't turn out as we want, our engagement with discord refines and teaches us something, altering our life's very course."

- Diane Musho Hamilton, "Transforming Conflict," Tricycle Magazine, Winter 2013


there would be peace

"Peace is possible, here and now. If peace were as much a priority as, say, economic expansion, there would be peace. There’s no lofty Buddhist philosophy that’s necessary to explain it. It’s very simple. Peace is absolutely possible if you stop listening to people who would have you believe otherwise, and if we truly wish it."

Samdhong Rinpoche, “Democracy in Exile”, tricycle.com


you can’t imitate someone else’s trip

“Each of us has our own path to follow, our own karma. You have to honor your own unique path. You can’t imitate someone else’s trip. Listen to your heart to hear what you yourself need, take what you can use from these practices, and leave the rest.”

- Ram Dass & Rameshwar Das. “Polishing the Mirror.” Sounds True.