this is all there is right now!

“But I’m so young!
I have so many things to do yet!
Well! that’ll sure keep you from
Being here & now
Life is passing me by!
But, if I live just in the here & now
won’t there be chaos? What happens
if the telephone rings?
Well: the here & now is the fact
that the telephone is ringing!
Pick it up!
Well: what if somebody wants to
make an appointment to see me
3 weeks from now?
Write it down. That’s here & now
Well, what happens 3 weeks from now?
3 weeks from now there’s that
appointment. Then: that is here & now.
When your child comes down the stairs
This is the first moment all over again
This is
Buddha meeting Buddha
Over toast & coffee
Over milk & porridge
Over mu tea & brown rice
We never had breakfast before!
This is it!!
This is all there is
Right now!
If it’s not good enuf, man, it’s not good enuf”

Ram Dass. “Be Here Now (Enhanced Edition).” HarperCollins, 2010-10-26.

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